As moms, it’s hard to find time between our busy schedules and endless to-do lists to get family portraits taken. And while we spend all that time coming up with a million excuses to not make time to have photos taken, we may start to forget why it’s important to begin with.  Every moment that you and your family have together is priceless, and that’s something you should never forget. 

Growing up, my family never got family photos done. I actually have very few photos of myself as a child and I actually no longer have them due to my mother’s divorce and a house fire that followed after. To this day, I am always upset that I don’t have what memories I had of my childhood. This is one of the sole reasons I picked up a camera. Five years ago, my son was born and I wanted to capture every moment. I started with my phone until my husband surprised me with a DSLR camera. Then my daughter came along, and more pictures were taken. As they both grow, I continually take photos of them. And every year we try to get at least one family photo session in. 

I want my children to have these memories to pass on to their children.


Getting family photos taken helps us capture moments we have with our family. A moment in which we can look back upon and feel that emotion over and over again. Past experiences often form us into who we are today. And often, photos hearten us both emotionally and spiritually while restoring family bonds. Families grow and change and it is so nice to be able to hold a moment still and look back on it as the year's pass. 


How many of you pull out old photo albums during holiday get-togethers? All those memories come flooding back to that room full of relatives. Everyone starts to recount stories from their younger years. Especially those who have passed. Looking at pictures of your loved ones always brings you joy. And it always brings joy to those who may have never met those loved ones. Photos hold memories of those who have gone and allow our future generations to learn of their family.


Kids always grow up faster than ever. In a blink of an eye your infant is suddenly a teen… or an adult having their own child. Family portraits are a great way to document their growth progress, watching them change from year to year. Also, looking back on past trends and styles will be sure to provide a laugh in the years to come. 


Life is so short and so unpredictable. Unfortunately, things happen without warning and loved ones pass unexpectedly. Taking advantage of the time you have together now so that you don’t regret putting it off and missing that opportunity. 


In today’s world of social media, we don’t think about having photos taken professionally. While we may think that slapping on a cool filter makes our selfies amazing - they just aren’t as good as the professionals. Professional photographers have years of training and experience which means that our photos come out at a higher quality allowing them to last much longer - for those future generations. And those family albums we pull out at holiday gatherings. Hiring a professional is an investment in your memories and your future.