When the craze hit about Pinterest, I just didn't understand it at all. It was one of those things that I scoffed at anytime someone told me about their project and where they got the inspiration. But now? Now I can't think of not using it. It is useful for just about anything in your life. As a photographer, I love to utilize for poses and color schemes for sessions I have with my clients.

Honestly, I will never not talk about what to wear in a photoshoot. What you wear is the deciding factor on if your photos will turn out great or not. Colors and patterns can clash and if you don't have just the right combination, you can kiss those lovely photos goodbye. This is why I love pinterest! In fact, I found this great article by The Family Photo Blog that I just have to share with you!

Winter Family Photo Scheme: Gem Tones | Outfits by Color

White snow + gem tone-inspired outfits are the perfect combination in my book! I love the rich colors paired with the white, muted background. This beautiful photo by Lorena Rosser was my inspiration as I created this outfit color scheme for you. Here are some recommendations to recreate this beautiful outfit!