mastodon state historic park

As a child, or at least for my children, hearing the word 'playground' is a magical word. My kids always light up and get really excited when I tell them we are going to the playground. But it's usually followed with 'but I need you to help mommy find places to photograph'. Yes, I use my kids to scout locations and see how things will look for other sessions that I have coming up. And of course, if the location has a playground I always use that as my bribe (or reward).

I just love capturing my children in motion doing what they love. Or in my son's case, wearing what he loves. And right now that's his Spiderman PJ's. I had appropriating dressed for the day but he was insistent that it didn't match and that the only thing that he had that would match was his PJ's. So, his PJ's he wore! There are just some battles not worth fighting. And you always have to learn which to fight for and which is just best to let the child win. I knew he wasn't hurting anyone wearing his PJ's. Though, the kids at the playground did ask why he was wearing them and kept referring to him as the PJ kid (in a non-rude way, mind you!). He was happy and so was I. And I think that's all that matters.

little girl swinging high at mastodon park