Mommy & me time

I just love family photography. And maybe that's because family is important to me. But capturing the love between this mother and daughter couldn't have been more amazing.

I can't begin to describe just how much I loved this session. This mom and daughter duo was the most adorable thing I'd ever photographed. I count myself lucky to have found them! To say that this little is a mommy's girl is an understatement. This session took place an hour before sunset at Queeny Park in St. Louis, MO. This park is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shoot. And it was a suggestion from a fellow photographer, Jayellen. This park offers so much diversity with the areas in which you can photograph - Greenhouse, white barn, and old brick home is among the few things.

And of course, dad came with as well and we were able to capture some family shots as well.

mommy and me session at queeny park
mommy and me session at queeny park st. louis mo

The sun was just so darn perfect for us during this session. I was gushing the whole time I was shooting. Between the sun, and this mother/daughter duo, the setting was just perfect. All of it was perfect.

greenhouse mommy and me session st. louis mo
mommy and me greenhouse session st. louis mo


This little girl is obsessed with princesses so we couldn't help but get some shots with her in a princess dress. It was the most adorable thing ever. And now all I want to do is photoshoot little girls in their favorite princess dresses.

princess mommy and me greenhouse queeny park st. louis mo
princess dance mommy and me st. louis mo photographer

Mommy & Me mini's

This session was amazing, and was done to promote my Mommy & Me Mini's releasing soon! My VIP group gets early access to Mini Sessions before they go public. Ask me how you can join the VIP group!

white barn mommy and me family photographer queeny park