Easter 2021

Easter for our family used to be a big extravagant family gathering. But the important component to that was gramps. Since his passing a few years back, Easter gathering hasn't been the same. Gramps was my husband's grandfather but I have been in the family long enough that I, too, called him Gramps. Holidays were always with Gramps as my relationship with my family was rather strained for years. Until my first born came along. I knew it was time to fix that relationship so that my son would know his grandma and other family.

So for the past couple years, I've been alternating between my family and my husband's family for holidays to make sure everyone was happy. Easter had become more of a holiday we got together with my mom and step-dad. This year, they came to us! My children love their papa and jamjam a lot. When they know they are coming in, it's all they can talk about for WEEKS. Mom and dad essentially become chopped liver. And every stranger they speak with gets to know all about how papa and jamjam are coming.

grandchild hugging grandparent family photographer
granddaughter hugging papa st. louis family photographer
grandson hugging grandma easter weekend
granddaughter squeezing grandma st. louis family photographer

This year, my daughter was upgraded to a big girl bed (full size) and since we use her room as the guest room, she was ecstatic that her grandparents were staying in her room for their visit. Every chance she got, she rubbed it into her brother's face and announced it to anyone who would listen to her. We got her bed from IKEA and let me tell you... it took us a very long time to get put together. But together we got it. And now her room looks like it belongs to a big girl and it makes this mama super sad. She's only three but time certainly flies - as a St. Louis Family Photographer, it's my job to capture the moments to look back on. And I do that with my own children. Probably more than they like, haha.

All day Friday waiting for them to arrive, my children spent their time asking me if they were here yet. You know that whole joke from when we were kids asking 'are we there yet?'... Yeah, it was like that, but worse. Especially with my son. Every five seconds, 'is papa here?' 'No.' Another five seconds...'is papa here?' 'No, I will let you know when he is close.' That was the whole day until my parents arrived. When they did arrive, my kids had gotten so preoccupied with the sandbox they didn't even notice them walking through the front door. The rest of the day was spent hanging out, making store runs, and ordering in from a local place. We finished the night off with a movie: Kong vs Godzilla.

grandson and grandma hugging
girl in sun hat holding candy for easter
daughter hugging dad on easter
young boy posing with hat on easter

the next day

Since my parents would be leaving early on Sunday, we chose to celebrate Easter on Saturday instead of Sunday. We all woke up rather late since we visited with each other late into the night. We got dressed in our best or well, the kids did. The adults just wore what was comfortable for us, ha! The kiddos got to open up their Easter baskets - this year we tried to skip as much on candy and focused more on educational items for homeschooling. My mom was amazing and she is the one who prepared their baskets (we used foldable bins from Dollar Tree).

After Easter baskets, Dad and Papa went out and hid the eggs. Boy, the kids had the time of their lives running around our big backyard hunting down their eggs. I've never seen them pick up anything so fast - and now I like to point out how quickly they picked up eggs and how quickly they could pick up their toys now. ;)

young boy looking for easter eggs
young boy with easter egg
young girl looking for easter eggs
dad hiding easter eggs
papa after hiding easter eggs
young girl with easter egg

Easter dinner

We didn't do the traditional kind of meal for Easter, instead, we opted for a cookout! My parents go camping every year so cookouts are just right up our alley. While my step-dad cooked on the grill, the rest of us relaxed on the deck. My mom and I had wine in hand and sun hats. It was the perfect picture of relaxation. You can check out our selfies on my Facebook page! The food was great! I couldn't have asked for a better Easter dinner, or well, more like lunch. After lunch, we all just relaxed and enjoyed each other's company. My mom and I worked more on our chunky blankets, and the kids had a blast playing with papa.

It really was the perfect weekend get together. And I can't wait for the next family gathering.

young boy hunting easter eggs by shed
young boy crazy dance
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papa sitting on the deck relaxing
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young girl on deck
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young boy on deck
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