children in movement

When we all think about getting family photos, we immediately think about posed photos where everyone is staring at the camera. While those are nice to have, as a St. Louis Family Photographer, I love capturing children in their natural state which more times than not is them in movement. Usually running off or running in circles. Exploring the area around them, picking up sticks and shoving them towards the air like they are a sword. I like to consider myself more of a storyteller, and when I capture kids using their imagination like this, it's telling their story. Your story. These are the kind of photos I love to give to my clients. It's the photos they will smile, laugh, and cry at as they flip through them time after time.

My kids are the reason I started doing family photography. I wanted to capture every moment, everything they did so that when they are grown I can look back and remember this moment in our lives. That's the kind of experience I live giving to my clients. Oftentimes, I will go the day before a session and take my kids. I will photograph them everywhere I want to take my clients so I can get a lay of the land but it also allows me to get pictures of my kids too. And boy are they spoiled about it. My kids will often pose because they are just used to me pulling out a camera that they'll either start being their silly selves or they'll get all vogue on me and pose looking at the camera.

And when they know I have to photograph someone else and their kids, they get very upset and jealous. It's cute. I wouldn't want it any other way. The pictures I took below were taken at Queeny Park in Ballwin, MO. I absolutely love shooting here because there are so many different backgrounds to offer. It gives that variety in a photoshoot that I just love.

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