my top 3 maternity dress stores I like to order from

Being pregnant is already stressful enough. Everything we as a mother are doing to prepare for the arrival of our newborn is never-ending. And even when we do everything to prepare, we always think of more. But we always forget to stop and take a breath. This is such a magical time, carrying life. This is why I love maternity photography. Time steals from us all the time, and the best to way to freeze it even if for a moment is photographs. But even photography sessions can get stressful too - like figuring out what to wear. This is why I have a handful of dresses on hand for when mom just can't decide.

And of course, mom is free to get her own dress. But where? In this digital age where boutiques are popping up all over the internet and not all of them are real, it's hard to know which website to order from and which one to stay away from. That's why I decided I would share my top 3 maternity dress stores that I like to order from! As a St. Louis Maternity Photographer, I want to help make your maternity session as stress-free as possible and help you look the beautiful mama you are.

Baltic Born

This is by far my favorite to purchase from. Their dresses are not only beautiful and unique, they are also very budget friendly. Dresses range from $50 to $100 and go all they way up to size 3x. They have stretchy dresses, wrap dresses, off shoulder dresses and some beautiful lace designs many of which would accommodate a bump.

Pink Blush

This is yet again another budget-friendly store. Their prices ranging from $60 to $100. They have a variety of lacy dresses, wrap dresses and stretchy maxi dresses in a variety of colours.


They specialize in dresses for maternity photography from figure-fitting mermaid style dresses to poufy tulle numbers. Their dresses are super stretchy and come in a one-size-fits-most configuration which takes the guesswork out of ordering sizes. They also have mix-and-match crop tops and maxi skirts which adds to their versatility. Prices range from $90 - $250.

client closet special

I can't write this blog post and not mention that special client closet discount that I offer. Ask me about it today!