when is the best time to take maternity photos?

This is the question I get asked a lot as a St Louis Maternity photographer is when to take pregnancy photos. First, I will start by saying that the answer is going to be different for every mom-to-be. I will hopefully give you some helpful tips so you can make an educated guess on when is the best time for you to get your maternity photos done.

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What trimester is the best to book for a maternity session?

For me, as a maternity photographer, the ideal time to schedule your maternity photo session with me is usually in the third trimester. That's usually between 26 and 34 weeks. Once you are in your last trimester, this is when your belly starts to become more pronounced with that nice round shape. However, this can vary from mom to mom depending on your body. Usually, first-time moms won't show as quickly so I often photograph them closer to 34 weeks or 36 weeks. However, if you've been pregnant before, typically you show a bit faster so you can book your session closer to 26 weeks.

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Is 35 weeks too late for a maternity session?

This is another one of those times in which it's up to the mom-to-be and how comfortable she feels. Often at this point, it's harder to walk around and you just generally are more uncomfortable. However, I have photographed quite a few mommas when they were 37 weeks or 38 weeks along and while they were uncomfortable, they were more than happy to move around for the session. So if you're wondering if it's too late, it's not. But if you are feeling uncomfortable, don't be afraid to ask your photographer for a location that won't require too much walking. Or too long of a drive for you.

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how early should i schedule my maternity photographer?

This is all dependent upon the time of year it is, most photographers book up months in advance. I typically suggest scheduling your maternity session with your photographer after the 12-week mark. Especially if your session will be in the Fall, that is often the busiest time of year for photographers and it is best to get on their calendar now than to wait last minute.

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should i schedule an earlier session if i have twins?

Absolutely! If you are expecting twins, oftentimes you start showing earlier than usual. And since you'll most likely be delivering earlier than most pregnancies, you'll want to schedule your maternity photo session earlier than usual. Somewhere around 24-28 weeks is typically the best time to book maternity pictures.

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3 tips for when to book maternity pictures

  • The third trimester, between 26 and 34 weeks; 26 weeks if it's not your first pregnancy, closer to 34 if it is. Schedule earlier if you are having twins, between 24 and 28 weeks.
  • Reach out to your photographer after your 12-week appointment to get your maternity session booked.
  • Listen to your body; 35 weeks or later isn't too late if you feel you can handle it.

I will leave you with one more piece of advice, and that's to trust your photographer. Don't be afraid to ask them any of these questions and more. If you've picked the right photographer, they should help you feel at ease with every decision you make for the session.

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