Mommy & Me mini sessions

Dear mamas, I’ll keep this short and sweet by asking this… When was the last time you were in the frame? Your phone is probably filled with hundreds ( or thousands 😉) of pics of your littles, but how many of those (besides that occasional selfie) have you in them?

You mamas tend to be the photographers in the family, and even if you are having a family session taken, you’re probably still stressing about how everyone looks and making sure everyone behaves themselves. Very rarely do you have images capturing your candid interactions with your kids. The bond between you and your kids is a special one, and mommy & me sessions provide a unique opportunity to capture your relationship in a relaxed and genuine way. Whether it be when you’re getting sweet little toddler kisses, having crazy tickle sessions, having funny kindergarten conversations or just breathing in your precious tiny newborn… all of these things are part of your every day as a mom. As simple as they are, they are such precious moments!

Some ideas for after a session might be planning a little day out to a local frozen yogurt spot, or bringing a blanket and some favorite books to the park for an outdoor reading session. We take for granted how fast life passes us by, and a mommy & me session is a way to pause the moment. 

As a St. Louis Family Photographer and a mother, I value moments like this with my own children and strive to capture that for other mothers. Currently, I have Mommy & Me Mini Sessions going on. However, if you feel 15 minutes with your children just isn't enough, let's get you in for a full session!